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Who is Louis?

LJW Music Fusion is a new start-up foundation to collaborate with charities in the music industry to support young people to experience the transformative power of Music.

We are here to remember Louis through the power of Music by leveraging our networks with industry-led experts with whom we created relationships through the release of our charity single, ‘Louis Teenage Spirit’, in memory of our son, who died at Tamworth’s Snowdome in 2021, aged 12 years old.

Louis was a talented grade 5 saxophonist.


Our charity main aims are to support the following:

• Students, schools, and communities reach their full potential through the power of making and producing Music.

  • These include developing skills like performing, composing, and producing, learning to be creative and exploring different styles of Music, and understanding the range of musical careers available.

  • Offer advice and support for young people during difficult times in their lives and show them how Music has the power to heal and improve their well-being.

  • These include positive impacts on well-being, like increasing happiness, confidence, resilience to challenges, and developing practical skills useful for school or work.

  • Investing in music-making projects that help young people develop personally, socially, and musically.


  • These include meeting new people, making friends, building relationships with family members, strengthening ties to local communities, and overcoming divisions.

  • We want to influence and support others to join our vision of creating a musically inclusive England.


  • These include policymakers, funders, Music Education Hubs, arts organisations, and schools.


  • Support young people to create new music and share it with the world.

  • These include studio time, mastering, pressing on vinyl, or promotion around a release.


By supporting our foundation, you’ll ensure we continue helping music makers reach musical and production potential and participate in opportunities they may otherwise not have.

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